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Posted on 01-01-2015

The foot is our foundation.  When we get out of bed first thing to hit the floor is the foot.  When we stand, our feet take on our full weight. 

Many complaints of foot pain can be classified as plantarfasciitis.

When: Most are familiar with foot pain in the mornings when first getting out of bed.  Foot pain can be brought on when walking, running, jumping, and standing on hard surfaces – when the foot is put in a position that needs to stretch.

Where:  Foot pain can be anywhere in the foot but predominantly tends to be at the heel, arch of the foot, balls of the feet. 

Foot pain tends to be inflammation/fibrosis of the soft tissue/nerves, restrictions/hypermobility of the joints in the foot/ankle. 

Why the foot pain:  Abnormal foot mechanics due to restrictions or too much mobility (pronation – fallen arches), loss of elasticity of the soft tissue (lack of strength), adhesions/scar tissue, irritated nerves in the feet.  Often the foot loses its spring like effect. 

Foot pain can be brought on by different activities.  Being in an environment which requires standing on hard surfaces for a prolonged period of time can bring on the foot pain.  Running and jumping can bring it on (repetitive motion).  Having flat feet or high arches is a common culprit.  Being overweight brings on added stress to the foot.  Wearing high heels during the day then wearing running shoes.  Old injuries that were never fully resolved all contribute to foot pain.  Anybody can fall victim to foot pain.

Long term effects of the restricted/hypermobile foot is not just what happens in the foot but since the foot is the foundation the effect it has in the joints above the foot – the kinetic chain - knee to hip to low back  and on.  If the foot is not moving correctly which is your base, the joint above will have to compensate (added stress) for what is lacking from the foot and the domino affect occurs. 

What can be done at home: Stretches/Strengthening of the foot and calf muscles.  Using a golf ball/tennis ball can help.  Taking Epson salt baths helps.  Heat/ice.  Rest.

Treatments for foot pain in the office with manipulation, ART, Graston, acupuncture, ice, heat, taping, corrective exercises just to name a few.  These are effective treatments with surprisingly quick results.

Having the foot evaluated helps to determine the best treatment option especially if home treatments have not been 100% effective in resolving the foot pain.  

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